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Funeral Market Intelligence 

Business in 2023 runs on quality data. Our Funeral Kinetics system processes billions of data points to produce clear, actionable results. We’re bringing the power of Big Data to your fingertips, placing powerful insights in the hands of funeral industry owners, directors, and marketing teams.

Our data suite is simply the best funeral industry market analysis available today. In the past, market studies took months to create and were based on inconsistent phone surveys and anecdotal observations. Our products deliver the deep insights you need to make data-driven decisions, delivered in just a few weeks, with the latest data for your market. 

If a small investment could make every single dollar you spend in marketing more efficient, and you could drive big decisions with data rather than a hunch, wouldn't you explore the possibility? Call us today to set up your free consultation, or book your no-obligation discovery call HERE.  

Market Master™: Data Driven Decisions

Efficient Marketing

Instantly save on marketing spend through more targeted spending, lifting call volume and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

GPL Optimization

Optimizing your General Price List using actual financial data input on the families served. We also secret shop others in your market.

Service Matching

Optimizing your market footprint. Are you offering services people around you want? 

Perfected B2B Outreach 

Identifying key church, nursing home, hospice, and adult daycare influencers for increasing first calls

Location, Location, Location

Identifying the most optimum places in town to build or rent space for a funeral service provider.

Know Your Families...

Identity market opportunities for targeting families who lean towards high-end, traditional, and discounted funeral services

Ideal Customers. Better Business.  

We find your most ideal populations based on veteran status, faith, age, income, ethnicities, and much more. Our approach is built on proven social science and a battle-tested system that delivers results. 

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Complete Integration

Once we have data in-hand, we take the "gee whiz" of data to the "so what" that you can put to work immediately with your strategy and marketing teams. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the funeral industry, and an equal number of years in marketing and social science. We offer complete recommendations tailored to your situation and an actionable plan for what's next. 

Joining the experince and insider knowledge of Ask the Director™  with the power of our deep data partnerships, the Market Master™ suite is unmatched for speed, accuracy, and clear results. 

Contact us today to set up your consultation. 

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"Data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years.

Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win."


- Angela Ahrendts, Senior VP, Apple, Inc.


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